Established 1980

Out Of Hours Service

Out of Hours Emergency Service.


Please be advised that this service if for our Block Management clients, dealing with Communal areas only, who pay the additional cost for this service. We have also outlined some helpful advice as to what procedures you should take if you do not pay for this service.


Corporate Block Flat Management Clients

If you are a client from our Block/Flat Management team and additionally pay for the out of hours service (this will be visible on your Annual Budget and also reflected on your notice boards by your communal entrance) please call the below number and speak to our designated out of hours contractors:

TEL: 07490497967

Unfortunately if your block does not pay for the out of hour’s service you will need to arrange your own assistance and then contact us in the normal opening hours.


For our Residential Lettings Clients

If you rent a property through Essex Properties unfortunately this service is not available, as Essex Properties are unable to instruct any works without prior authorisation from your Landlord. We can offer some helpful advice below to ensure the situation is handled safely and you are not out of pocket.


  1. If you notice water leaking from any area in the property please ensure you locate your water stop cock and shut this off. This will prevent the water from leaking until you are able to contact the office in the morning.


  1.  If you notice any smoke or fire escaping from anywhere in the property please contact the fire department


  1.  If you notice the smell of gas we advise that you contact the gas board (their numbers can be found in your gas meter cupboard)